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Member Benefits

Member Benefits

Since its inception, Kenya Institute of Planners has been the voice of planning in Kenya. The professional designation ‘Certified Planning Professional’, denotes Member of the Kenyan Institute of Planners, and is widely recognized in Kenya as a requirement for many employers at home and abroad.

As a member of Kenya Institute of Planners you demonstrate a commitment to the profession and planning best practices. Kenya Institute of Planners advocates for planners nationally and internationally, and provides membership services that help planners advance in their careers. Membership with Kenya Institute of Planners also provides opportunities for networking and knowledge transfer.

Kenya Institute of Planners’s member benefits are always evolving to meet the needs of our members. Presently, benefits include:

Advocating for the planning profession nationally and internationally

Kenya Institute of Planners advocates on behalf of planners to government and stakeholders on a national level in order to influence policy decisions. Kenya Institute of Planners participates in international initiatives, providing a strong presence for Kenyan planners abroad.

Promoting the value of planning

Kenya Institute of Planners promotes the value of planning and understanding of its role in society through public campaigns. Kenya Institute of Planners also develops lasting partnerships with like-minded organizations in order to develop shared initiatives that benefit practicing planners.

Promoting excellence in planning

Kenya Institute of Planners enhances the profile of the planning profession and encourages the sharing of best practices through awards programs.

Professional development

Advance your career by taking advantage of Kenya Institute of Planners’s job board postings, or participating in the discounted professional learning units offered through KIP. Kenya Institute of Planners also provides opportunities for planners to fast-track their careers through its volunteering and networking initiatives.

Relevant News & Publications

Kenya Institute of Planners produces a wide range of member publications to address the different needs of our members. Members have access to newsletters, publications, online journals and other resources.

Support for students

Kenya Institute of Planners invests in the future of planning by providing a variety of scholarships to support planning students.