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Who We Are

Kenya Institute of Planners is a professional body of planners with the overall objective of enhancing the art and science of sustainable local community, city (urban) and regional planning and development.


Professional members of KIP are forward thinking individuals who work in both the public and private sectors, in many different fields of planning. KIP strives to make communities more livable, Sustainable, and Resilient.

Aims & Objectives

To see man as the beneficiary of all developmental activities and to ensure for him an environment which is liveable, healthy, friendly, efficient and economically viable through ethical & professional practices.

Making Communities More Livable, Sustainable, & Resilient.

Roles & Functions

The Role and Functions of the Institute focuses on the Kenyan Society in the Institute’s quest to be a competent player and stakeholder in change and transformation of the society and in supporting market economy in the country.


KIP is governed by an elected Council of volunteer members who work with Institute staff and volunteers carrying out the work of the profession.

Maintaining the Professional Planning Standards in Kenya.

Kenya Institute of Planners promotes and safeguards professional planning practice and policy and sets and maintains professional planning standards and qualifications. Deriving from these obligations are the following services that are provided to Kenya Institute of Planners members.

Kenya Institute of Planners also advocates on behalf of planners to the government and stakeholders on a national level in order to influence policy decisions. Kenya Institute of Planners participates in international initiatives, providing a strong presence for Kenyan planners abroad.